Free Ebook – Importing Directly from Manufacturers at very Cheap Price and Selling on Jumia and Konga

WARNING!!! What you’re about to read will literally change your life forever, therefore if you’re satisfied with your financial status, don’t ‘waste’ your time reading this, but if you’re not satisfied, just like I wasn’t years ago, I would advise you to read the next few paragraphs with uttermost concentration, because am about to give

My Personal Brand Website Revealed And Upcoming Live Seminar Notification

Unlike every other businesses where people hide what is working for them because they are scared of competition, the importation business is a different thing entirely. The market is so robust to the extent that we cannot have too many importers for particular goods. The major difference would usually be the amount of capital an

New Konga Commission Rate – How To Wiggle Your Way Round It

New Konga Commission Rate One of the main reasons why people choose to become an entrepreneur is because of the freedom and flexibility that comes with. Freedom in the sense that, you get to decide how many hours of work you’d like to put in per day, you get to decide when you work and

Importation Business: Beyond Selling on Konga and Jumia

I owe you all an apology… Mainly because I have kept you in the dark for so long, but that is about to change now. I have been terribly busy with other phases of my life, so busy to the extent that, even though I check the site almost every day, I have been unable

10 Fast Selling Products on Konga You can Easily Import from China

10 Fast Selling Products on Konga Since I stared this blog, I’ve received countless messages through Facebook, WhatsApp, Text Messages, Calls and even on my Blog from people who want to learn how to start and run a successful importation business in Nigeria, but have no idea which product to get started with. Some want to

How To Increase Your Konga and Jumia Sales with Product Bundling

Increase Your Konga and Jumia Sales Konga and Jumia are the two most popular platforms to sell your imported goods quickly in Nigeria. Today, I’ll be talking about a simple yet highly effective tactic of selling your goods quickly on Konga and Jumia. This is simply known as product bundling. So, what is product bundling?

6 Hot Products You Can Import Now From China and Sell Fast In Nigeria

Import From China Buying goods cheaply from China and selling for huge profit here in Nigeria has proven to be a money maker. These days, almost everyone(Including the Grandma) seems to be involved in the business. who doesn’t want an easy and almost stress-free way to make money. Then, as the mini importation business becomes

6 Things Experts Won’t Tell You About Importation Business

About Importation Business I have been in the importation business for a while now, it’s been over five (5) years; give or take. And with the level of my success with this business, I can boldly pronounce myself as an expert, because I have seen all that should be seen in the business, I have

How to Make Insane Profit from Cheap EBay Auction

There are various ways of making money online, one of which is the mini importation business, what most people don’t know is that making money from the importation business comes in diverse ways and the amount of money you make from this business depends on how deep a thinker you are. The overall idea of

How to Raise Money for Importation Business

Importation Business. Raising money for any form of business might be a little bit challenging. I know this because I have been there before. It’s not a very good feeling to know a lot about a particular business or have a great idea but not being able to execute it due to lack of fund.

How to Make Profit from Online Importation in Poor Economy

Online Importation. Online importation business is over… You can’t make money from it as it were back then… As a matter of fact, it’s impossible to invest in it and make your capital back, talk less of making any profit. Maybe it’s time to focus my energy on something else… If the above assumption is