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10 Vital Things to Look out For When Buying Tablet PCs From Aliexpress

I was compelled to write this Article because of the experience one of my friends had with a Tablet PC he bought from Aliexpress. A look at the Tablet PC section on Aliexpress would reveal thousands of shiny and attractive Tablets available for purchase, some at very ridiculous prices. But is it all the tablets that are worth buying? At the end of this write up, you should be able to choose which is best for you; here is my quick and easy guide to choosing a perfect tablet that would guarantee maximum returns for you.
1. What Operating system does it run?
90% of Tablets available on Aliexpress run on Android OS. Android is an operating system developed by Google for mobile phones and Tablet PCs. It works just the same way Microsoft Windows does on PCs. Android is an open source which means Google allows the software to be freely modified and distributed by device manufacturers, which explains why most Tablets runs on the operating system.

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There are several version of the OS that are available ranging from version 1.5- version 4.2.x (E.g. 4.2.1 etc).  When buying a Tablet PC, never go for the version lesser than 4.0. I even strongly advise to go with the 4.1 version.
2. How Big is the Screen?
The Screen size is also one of the things to consider when buying a Tablet. Never buy a tablet with a screen size below 7-inch, anything smaller than that would surely be qualified as a smartphone and not a Tablet.
3. What is the Touch screen Type
Capacitive, Resistance, Piezoelectric or Electromagnetic screen. I will say Capacitive screen. The capacitive screen is really sensitive such that it responds to the electricity in your finger while Resistance screen on the other hand is pressure applied, you need to press really hard to respond. My Advice; Always go for Capacitive screen Tablets.
4. What Processor does it Run?
 Another important question to ask when buying your tablet is ‘what processor does it run?’. You can either choose a tablet that runs on Single core, Dual Core or Quad Core. Unless you are going to be using the tablet for games, music or just watch video, Single core might not be the best for you. The better option is to go for a tablet that runs Dual core processor. The difference between dual core and single core is that dual core is basically double processor, so it allows your tablet to run multiple programs at the same time. Simply put, Dual core allows Multi-tasking function which single core processor doesn’t provide.
While Dual core boast of double processor, Quad core on the other hand has four processors, which means Quad core runs twice as faster as Dual core. All the cores are on the same chip though. So, they share the same memory and data path to the motherboard. One thing to note is, that Quad core runs twice as fast as Dual core and four times as fast Single core doesn’t mean it can receive instructions from RAM four times faster.
5. Is it 3G Enabled?
Virtually all tablets available in the market support Wi-fi so you can wirelessly connect to your home network or any other places Wireless network is available. However, There are some tablets that comes in two version, as well as the Wi-Fi, they also support 3G which means you can use a sim card on it and enjoy the internet while on the move. Always make sure any tablet you are going for is 3G enabled, as people love tablets that gives them full freedom, they can enjoy internet on the move and I forgot to mention earlier i also make and receive calls.
6. Does it have Double-faced Camera
Many Tablets has two cameras, Front-facing camera and Rear-camera. Always make sure the tablet you are buying has this feature. The purpose of the Front-facing camera is for video calling so you can make use of Skype or Google Talk. The Rear-camera can be used to take pictures and at the same time make videos.
7. Does it Supports Extended Ports?
Your choice of Tablet must have external ports for at least TF card (Memory card), Earphone, SD card, USB and Dc Jack.
8. How Many Storage Space Does it Have?
Its always advisable for tablets that of has a storage capacity of nothing less than 8GB. This more than enough to store music and some videos. In the case of large applications and HD videos, you can always use a Memory card of high capacity (up to 32GB), which explains the reason why you should always go for Tablets which have Memory card slot.
9. Can it Connect to Your TV set?
A Tablet that can connect to a TV set will surely thrill your customers and make them want to buy from you. Many Tablets on Aliexpress can connect to monitor display and televisions via HDMI cable. just make sure that tablet you are purchasing has an HDMI extended port.
Always make sure you do your due diligence before buying anything on Aliexpress or other Chinese trade portals.
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  1. You are really doing a great job.kudos to the owner of this site.please i am stil a newbie on this.if i am purchasing a tablet android from aliexpress and want to use third party shipping like nonikings,will the seller charge me for sending the product to nonikings in china or it is going to be free.also,like how many kg does a table android weight and also like how many kg weight does 10 pieces of leather wrist watch has.thanks,expecting your reply.

    • Thanks for the compliment. While using a third party shipping,your seller might or might not charge you for sending the goods down to their office depending on your bargaining power and how fast you need it. If you want the goods to get to your agent ASAP, you will have to pay a small amount for local courier service.

      There is no specific weight of goods. The information of any goods you are buying is always available on the product page, there you can get to know about the weight of the product you are buying.


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