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5 Simple But Powerful Ways to Identify Fake Chinese Suppliers

Fake Chinese Suppliers

The typical fake supplier in China registers a company, draws up documents under some peasant’s name, sign up with Alibaba, creates a profile page with a professional look and hires a few English speaking sales people (unaware their employer is a scam). When all is set, as soon as he receives around 30-50% deposit from a few clients he disappears.

Here are five quick ways to check the genuineness of that supplier you are about sending money:


The export license and supplier’s business license are two vital and important documents you must request for. The supplier should provide you these and the registration number which can be confirmed by sending a mail to the State Administration for Industry & Commerce of the people’s republic of China at dfa@saic.gov.cn. The agency will confirm the authenticity of the documents.


You can easily search for the supplier’s information and his email address on Google. This simple search would reveal alot of information including reviews about the supplier.


Genuine suppliers register their bank account with the company name, in a situation whereby the supplier sent you a private person account details, beware! something is not right.

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Most of the suppliers including the scammers have their own website. Conduct a check on the website details , first check the Website WHOIS and registration date. If its recently registered, beware it might be a scam.

Also, check the phone number, fax and address provided on their website on Google. You can also use Google Drag and Drop to check if the Logo, Factory and product pictures are gotten somewhere else or they are truly theirs

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Fake suppliers in China usually find all kinds of excuses to avoid to send a sample. If their answers are slow regarding this topic, it is either a scammer or a middleman.

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