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Hot Products to Import

6 Innovative Products You Can Import Now From China and Sell Fast In Nigeria

Import From China

Buying goods cheaply from China and selling for huge profit here in Nigeria has proven to be a money maker. These days, almost everyone(Including the Grandma) seems to be involved in the business. who doesn’t want an easy and almost stress-free way to make money.

Then, as the mini importation business becomes more and more popular in Nigeria, there exists this problem of everybody importing and selling almost the same thing. Nigerians have been known to be less innovative or let’s say they don’t like re-inventing the wheel. They heard wrist-watch is a fast selling product in Nigeria,voila! they join the bandwagon, Neglecting other hot products that could have generated more profit for them in a short period of time.

To address this problem, I took time to compile list of 6 not so common but hot products you can buy cheaply from China and sell for a lot of profit here in Nigeria. I also include links of where you can buy it cheaply on 1688. Although, I once post a similar article on this blog some times ago you can check it out 5 Items You can Buy Cheaply and Sell Fast In Nigeria



A digital photo album will allow you to enjoy and share every photo you have ever taken. You can get your visitor visitors entertained with digital format of your photos instead of browsing through that old school photo album.

You can get this product from this store on 1688 f0r 168 Yuan (N5,270) per piece. A quick look on Jumia shows the cheapest of this product selling for N20,000, now do the profit calculation yourself. Imagine what your profit would be selling just 10 pieces weekly. Lest I forget, the competition in this market is almost zero right now



The number of people that owns a laptop and the epileptic nature of power supply in the country makes this a hot product to import from China.

You can buy from this store on 1688 for 88 Yuan (N2,760) per piece and sell for as high as N7,000. One good thing about the product is that, not too many people is selling the product right now



A time and life saving device. Imagine the look on your face when you are unable to find your car or house key. This device makes sure you don’t break a sweat locating your lost key.

You can get this product on 1688 for as low as 50 Yuan (N1,500) per piece and you can comfortably sell for as high as N5,000. You are in charge of your business, you can decide to sell less. But, whatever amount you decided to sell this product, you will comfortably make at least 200% ROI.


tyreMonitors the amount of air pressure in a vehicle tyre.

You can get this product as low as 20 Yuan (N650) per piece on 1688 and sell for as high as N2,500


tvNow, you can watch TV on your laptop and phone thanks to this amazing device. You can buy this product on 1688 for as low as 40 Yuan (N1,250) and sell for N4,000



This product makes it possible to cut hair in the nostril and ears. Imagine people still patronizing local Mallams to the hair in their nose and ear, introduce this product to them and watch your bank account swell.

You can get this product on 1688 for as low as 10 Yuan (N310) per piece. You can easily sell this product for N1,000 or even more.

That is it! You can also brainstorm and come up with ideas of uncommon but hot products you can import from China and sell for massive profit here in Nigeria. The entire idea of buying cheap and selling fast is to find items that would appeal to Nigerians, with affordable price for average citizen, doing your research diligently would open up a huge client base for your importation business.

Having problem buying from the 1688 website? simply register for the upcoming live training on how to buy goods successfully from 1688 and sell on Konga and Jumia


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Since I was a 22-year-old undergraduate in University, I've run a home-based business importing products from China and generating millions of Naira on a yearly basis. Since then, I've made China and its culture not only a key part of my business but also of my personal life.


  1. I’m very appreciate with watching that website,but if i want import the Usb Tv Tuner how can import it?

  2. This is a useful site. Please how do I go about buying, payment and getting the items I want.

  3. how do I import goods on 1688

    • Please download a free copy of my e-book on this blog. Or you can attend my live training which is coming up in three weeks time

      • Hi there. Great info. Where do i download from? 2ndly how do I REG on your training? Thanks

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    And to be sincere with you, all the info I have read here are worth it.

    I’ve been dealing with aliexpress more than a year now, and some other merchants sites in China. But I’m loving what you said about your own means of importation.

    Please, I’d be glad if I received your ebook.


    • Please check your inbox or Spam box. The ebook has been sent to you. Thanks

  5. Thanks for the info…so insightful.
    God bless you.

  6. I want to import laptops from China so how will I do it?

    • I will advise you stay away from Laptops from China. The quality is most times bad which might affect your business on the long run

  7. This is a great eye opener, when is your next saminer coming up sir, pls update me thanks.

    • Thank you sir. Next seminar coming up in three weeks time. Just keep up with this blog, I will update about it soon

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  9. Send me ur next seminar date and venue ur website name .ADEWUMI FRM OSUN STATE.and pls send me ur free ebook

  10. Wat D Meaning Of 1688

    • It’s the name of a website. That’s the Chinese version of Alibaba

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  31. Please I would like to know the minimum capital I need to start an importation business. Also, your ebook was really informative. Thanks.

    • You can start the mini importation business with any amount from 100k. But I strongly recommend a minimum of 500k

  32. Hello…
    Thanks for the information…
    I just came across this information and i realize this post has been for some years now…
    Please, i want to know if all these business is still lucrative and profitable now on 2019?
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