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6 Hot Products You Can Import Now From China and Sell Fast In Nigeria

Import From China Buying goods cheaply from China and selling for huge profit here in Nigeria has proven to be a money maker. These days, almost everyone(Including the Grandma) seems to be involved in the business. who doesn’t want an easy and almost stress-free way to make money. Then, as the mini importation business becomes

How to make #60,000+ Importing Wrist Band This Festive Season.

Sounds unrealistic? Maybe I should up my game a little bit by saying; you can make more than #60,000 every month from importing wrist band! Is the wristband market really that big? Do Nigerians spend that much an ordinary accessory? The answer is yes! You probably have one on your hand right now, and if

Hot Product! Make Money Selling Baby Diapers

Online importation is a very lucrative business, with the right investment capital and proper understanding of how the business works, you are on your way to making tons of money on daily basis; often, the investment capital is not always a problem for beginners. However, knowing how the business works takes time, to avoid losing

How to Make Tons of Cash Importing Power Banks

The recent increase in Smartphone users coupled with the epileptic power supply in Nigeria has created a new business opportunity for smart business men who are smiling to the bank on a regular basis through the sales of a device known as power bank. Power bank is basically an electronic device that stores electrical power

Making Money from Importation as a Student: How to

Relying on allowance from parent every month gives some sort of restriction on what you can buy as a student, this is why it is very important to create another source of income, there are various ways of making money both offline and online, but most of this means requires special effort and time, as

5 Items You Can Buy Cheaply and Sell Fast in Nigeria

Buying goods with huge profit margin is a good business idea, but the best way to make steady income from importation business is to buy cheap items that is affordable to common citizen and valuable to everybody, even if the profit margin is not up to 100%, selling them fast and ordering for more would

How to start Importing shoes from China

Do you want to start a profitable business and make money? Have you ever been interested in the importation business but doesn’t know which product to order and resell? Importing shoes, Ever thought of that? Do you know the demand for shoe will never go down because everyone needs at least a pair? Generally speaking,

Goods are Damn Cheap in China, Importers Makes Them Expensive in Nigeria – Real Reasons

Today, it’s about the manufacturers of phones, laptops, Ipads, and Car Gadgets that I met at the Market in China. Before I delve into it, let me say here that I’m sharing this with you so that you can get ideas on what to import and sell for the upcoming festive season. December is the time

5 Cheap and Fashionable Necklaces you can Import from Aliexpress and sell for huge Profit in Nigeria

The recipe to success in this mini importation business is buying quality products at very cheap prices online and sell for huge profit here in Nigeria. There are tons of $2 (N320) products you can buy on Aliexpress and sell them as high as N1500 or even N2000 here in Nigeria. Necklaces is an example

Get this N55,000 HTC Desire Android Phone for Less than N16,000 on Aliexpress

The HTC desire S is a unique Android phone that gives you a sleek and stylish design crafted from a single piece of aluminum. With this phone you can enjoy fast web browsing powered by the superfast 1GHz processor. Capture life’s moments in vivid detail with the built-in HD camcorder. The brand new of this