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Hot Product! Make Money Selling Baby Diapers

Online importation is a very lucrative business, with the right investment capital and proper understanding of how the business works, you are on your way to making tons of money on daily basis; often, the investment capital is not always a problem for beginners. However, knowing how the business works takes time, to avoid losing your hard earned money, it’s strictly advisable to follow the lead of those that have gone ahead; those making serious money from the importation business, doing this w...[Read More]

How Importation from China Works; First Hand Experience from an Importer.

Four years ago, I read a report online on how a student bought mini laptops from China at a ridiculously cheap price, I was initially skeptical about the idea of buying things online, since there is no traceable address where I can register my displeasure in case things go sour during my transaction. After seeing proofs from the report, various screenshots and videos of how he made fortune from buying cheap, quality laptop from China and selling them at a regular price in Nigeria with over 100% ...[Read More]

How to start Importing shoes from China

Do you want to start a profitable business and make money? Have you ever been interested in the importation business but doesn’t know which product to order and resell? Importing shoes, Ever thought of that? Do you know the demand for shoe will never go down because everyone needs at least a pair? Generally speaking, profit margins are high in shoe business. Why not read this post to the end and how you can start importing shoes online and resell for maximum profit here in Nigeria. Everybo...[Read More]

How a Nairalander made over N45,000 in two days Selling Wristwatches

[showads ad=adsense_ad_two] If you are a regular reader of the business section of Nigeria’s most popular forum site, Nairaland, the name Ymodulus will not sound strange to you. He is one of the top players in this importation business, and frequently, he shares ideas base on his experiences on how to run a successful mini importation business from home without breaking a bank. Last week, he shared a post of how he made N46, 685 within two days selling wristwatches. This he was able to ach...[Read More]

Safety Measures for Shopping On Aliexpress.

In this current age, buying items online requires a standard level of security, to avoid being a victim of  various type of fraud. Transactions are done electronically; this makes the issue of trust a very rare attribute, it is therefore necessary to put every possible measure in place to ensure safe online transaction. ITEM SPECIFICATION: It’s very easy to get carried away by how flashy an item is when you’re about to place an order on Aliexpress, the items are packaged and displayed in such a ...[Read More]

How to Safely Source For Your Products on Alibaba – The Ultimate Guide

[showads ad=adsense_ad_one] Its important to conduct proper due diligence when conducting a transaction, most especially online. Fraud is an inherent risk in any business dealings, either trading online or offline. One needs to do due diligence when dealing with manufacturers and suppliers on Alibaba and other similar trade portals. one of the challenges to overcome will be the diversity in cultural perceptions and language barrier.I know how difficult it can be when negotiating and communicatin...[Read More]

All You Need to Know About Importing Goods From China

[showads ad=adsense_ad_one] Many of you have heard about the China importation business. We have all seen different adverts from the self acclaimed Gurus, telling us how lucrative the business is. Well! Its actually a lucrative business for those that knows the Nitty-Gritty of the business. It’s of high importance to know how the importation business works, before delving into it. What products can you import? What are the ones that are prohibited? What extra costs are involved? How do I h...[Read More]

China or India – Which is the best country to source for products

Using the resources of developing countries to decrease production costs is a growing trend in businesses of all sizes. Large corporations have been moving manufacturing operations overseas for decades, and small businesses now have the same opportunity through the use of instant communication. The two largest countries for outsourced labor are China and India. Both countries have large populations and low-cost labor opportunities.Many companies outsource customer service and other mid-level ope...[Read More]

Goods are Damn Cheap in China, Importers Makes Them Expensive in Nigeria – Real Reasons

[showads ad=adsense_ad_one] Today, it’s about the manufacturers of phones, laptops, Ipads, and Car Gadgets that I met at the Market in China. Before I delve into it, let me say here that I’m sharing this with you so that you can get ideas on what to import and sell for the upcoming festive season. December is the time for exchange of gifts, and these items are excellent gift items you can sell. Today started really fast. I slept late (as usual) the night before. About 2am. Other delegates to the...[Read More]

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