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The Ultimate Guide to Producing and Branding Wrist-Watches From China

Wrist-Watches From China My heart will always have a special place for “Made in China” wristwatches. In fact, wristwatches were the first product I ever imported from China. They are cost efficient to ship and highly customizable. Wristwatches are also a fairly “small business friendly” product since they don’t require a hefty budget to get started with. Let’s begin with the technical aspect of producing and branding watches (You Put your desired name) from a Chinese wholesaler or manufacturer. ...[Read More]

Buying Product Samples from Alibaba – The Ultimate Guide

Product Samples from Alibaba This post is basically for people that orders from Alibaba. As you are aware, Alibaba is quite different not as straight and direct as Aliexpress and other retail sites.There are so many criteria involved in buying goods from Alibaba, one of which is to understand how to go about product sampling. Getting product samples is essential to your success, If you want to have a stress and scam free transaction on Alibaba, You need to learn the art of Product sampling. What...[Read More]

3 Common Types of ALIBABA Scams and How to Avoid Them

Alibaba Scams While Alibaba has cleaned up its act in recent years, there are still plenty of stories about buyers being scammed by Alibaba suppliers. Alibaba does not turn a blind eye to these scams, but there are limitations to what they can do in order to help victims of fraud. In this article we look into 3 common types of Alibaba scams and explain how you can prevent the scammer from evading your compensation claim. Scam #1: Payment Frauds This type of scam has been on the rise in the last ...[Read More]

The Ultimate Guide to Buying From ALIEXPRESS without Getting Scammed

[showads ad=adsense_ad_one] Buying From AliExpress Aliexpress is basically a transaction-based wholesale platform for importing small volumes of goods from China. It’s a huge resource for innovative and profitable products that cannot be found elsewhere in low quantities. Though, ordering for Aliexpress seems simple and straightforward unlike Alibaba, there are however some few things you must do to minimize some coherent risks existing on the platform and increase your long-term success chances...[Read More]

Importing From Dubai – First Hand Real Information From Active Players

Dubai – a member of the United Arab Emirates – was once a sleepy fishing village nestling on the Persian Gulf. In the 1960s, it discovered oil and before you could pronounce the Jack Robinson cliché, it had undergone wholesale economic and social development that transformed it into the ultimate world class metropolis and elevated it to the premier business centre of the UAE region, with a Gross Domestic Product {GDP} of 55 billion pounds. With more than 70 malls, it has earned the nickname of “...[Read More]

Beware of Cheap Wholesale Fashion Sites

It seems like every time I have logged into Facebook in the past month I have seen a sponsored ad from a clothing company by the name of SammyDress. The ad, which features a model in a cream dress with cute buttons down the side, boasts thousands of likes and comments. The ad seems to have really done it’s job because hundreds of women have gone to the website and purchased the dress. How do I know? Upon reading the comments on the ad, I discovered that none of these customers ever receive...[Read More]

Creating a Well Designed Strategy for Importing From China to Nigeria

When you are sourcing products from suppliers from China, you will have to think of a well defined strategy first. Many import ventures or attempts have failed in the past due to lack of a well defined strategy. A strategy is like a road map that will guide you to the ultimate goal, which is importing China products of your choice. To make this strategy successful, you will have to first locate the best China sourcing services for your product. There are many suppliers, which are available on Al...[Read More]

Introducing! Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Feature

About 7 months ago, this blog was started with the aim of sharing using information on how to start and run a successful importation business from home. To a large extent, this objective has been met. Over 1,000 people has subscribed to receive our periodic newsletters and the blog currently average 500 visits per day and countless of mails. This statistics might not really mean something big in the internet blogosphere, but its goes a long way in showing that we are on the right path and people...[Read More]

4 Facts You Should Know About Buying Branded Goods From China

Making money online from importation is probably one of the easiest ways to make money online, hundreds of people are into it and they’re making nice income from it on daily basis, ( I am a living proof) the market is not yet saturated, which means you can still join the league and make nice income from online importation. You can head over to my previous articles to get a head start on how to make money importing goods from china at a relatively cheap price. However, the purpose of this post is...[Read More]

How to make #60,000+ Importing Wrist Band This Festive Season.

Sounds unrealistic? Maybe I should up my game a little bit by saying; you can make more than #60,000 every month from importing wrist band! Is the wristband market really that big? Do Nigerians spend that much an ordinary accessory? The answer is yes! You probably have one on your hand right now, and if you don’t, look around your vicinity and see how common the wristband is. Now that you have interest in it, you would begin to see wristband everywhere you look (That’s how our reticular activati...[Read More]

How to Import Good from the US Market Online

Often, when people hear the word “mini importation” the first thing that comes to mind is China, this is somewhat stereotype, considering there are other markets out there, where importers can buy products at a relatively cheap price and sell them at a profit price in Nigeria. The idea of importation from Asia countries has sidelined importers from exploring other markets, hence I would discuss the entire process of importing goods from the United States in this article, for better understanding...[Read More]

5 Attributes an importer must possess

Over time I have publish several articles on making money through the importation business, with detailed guide on how to become a successful importer, but I have discovered that knowledge about this business has its own part while the right mindset and attributes has its own role too, if you know all about the business and you have a wrong mindset, it might be very difficult to make a fortune from it, therefore this time around, I would be writing on major attributes that an importer must posse...[Read More]

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