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Where and How to Buy Good UK Used Blackberry Phones at very cheap prices

Today I’m going to share with you where you can buy good UK used blackberry phones at cheap price. Its no more news that Blackberry is the trend among youths in Nigeria today.Those in this line of business are smiling to the bank day by day, thanks to the huge patronage these people enjoy from those that wants to acquire a Blackberry phone but can’t afford to buy a new one. A visit to Computer Village in Ikeja, would reveal how people are so crazy about the UK or London used BB. Now,...[Read More]

Goods are Damn Cheap in China, Importers Makes Them Expensive in Nigeria – Real Reasons

[showads ad=adsense_ad_one] Today, it’s about the manufacturers of phones, laptops, Ipads, and Car Gadgets that I met at the Market in China. Before I delve into it, let me say here that I’m sharing this with you so that you can get ideas on what to import and sell for the upcoming festive season. December is the time for exchange of gifts, and these items are excellent gift items you can sell. Today started really fast. I slept late (as usual) the night before. About 2am. Other delegates to the...[Read More]

Buying From China? How to Ship Your Goods to Nigeria at a Reduced Shipping Rates

Buying goods from Chinese sites like Aliexpress, DHGate, DealExtreme and the likes can be discouraging at times. This is due to the high cost the suppliers quotes as shipping charges. You will notice that the shipping fee sometimes is quite high and sometimes may even cost more than what you are ordering. A $5 product on these sites might cost $8 in shipping charges, thereby bringing the total cost of the product to $13.  Don’t be discouraged about this because there is a way out. Firstly,...[Read More]

Welcome to Importation Wealth Blog

Are you looking for free information on how to start a Mini importation Business right here in Nigeria? I mean Buying Cheap goods like Shoes, clothings, Android Tablets, Bags, Phones etc from reputable Chinese sites and selling for huge profit here in Nigeria? Thank your lucky star, because you are in the right place. This blog site is dedicated to Nigerians looking to start Mini importation Business. Here, you have access to first hand and real life information on how to start and run a success...[Read More]

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