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Making Payments for Goods as an Importer – The Stress free Ways

The process of importing goods from China or any other country can be divided into three main stages; the ordering stage, payment stage and shipment stage, in many of the articles published earlier on this blog, I have given great concentration to ordering stage, with little tips on what the payment and shipment stage entails,

Make Cheaper Payment Online With FirstBank Visa Card

This post is for all my blog readers who have been asking me for cheaper ways to make payments online. This is a guest post by the CEO of DIVIDI MULTICONCEPT who is also the owner of Some so-called experts have told many of us that GTB MasterCard and UBA Africard are the best

How to Get UBA Africard for your Importation Business

If you need a credit card that is widely accepted on Aliexpress and other similar sites, then you shoud think of acquiring the UBA Africard. The UBA Africard is actually a debit card, that is, you can only spend what you have on it. I just decided to call it a credit since thats what

How To Create/Generate Your GTBank Activation Code and MasterCard SecureCode For Online Payment

By default, your GTBank MasterCard can perform Online transaction. However, some websites requires you have an activation code/SecureCode while making transactions on it. If that is the case please follow these steps to obtain your Activation/Secure Code for online banking:1. Login to GTBank Internet banking website on and click on Internet Banking (In the event