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Readers Question: How do I Increase my Profit Importing from China

Hello Wale, I must really confess, you are doing a very good job here. I enjoy reading your blog and I always find your articles helpful. I mostly sell dummy flowers and dummy flowers compositions which I source from the local market (Idumota market precisely) which is actually doing well. But looking at the prices on Alibaba, I see there’s a big opportunity for making massive profit importing the goods myself. My question is, how do I start? How do I get the goods delivered to me? Will I have t...[Read More]

Importation Business: Beyond Selling Your Goods on Konga and Jumia in Nigeria

Importation Business I owe you all an apology… Mainly because I have kept you in the dark for so long, but that is about to change now. I have been terribly busy with other phases of my life, so busy to the extent that, even though I check the site almost every day, I have been unable to write a valuable post on the importation business. Nevertheless, all that is about to change. In today’s post, I would tell you what I have been up to, I would also share some awesome information about recent ch...[Read More]

Are You a Millionaire Material? 7 Things Millionaires Have in Common

Most of the millionaires in the world aren’t celebrities living in massive estates.  In fact, you could be living next to a millionaire and you might not even know it. As it turns out, there are quite a few traits that millionaires share – and it isn’t just what they have in their bank account. In this post, we’ll take a look at the traits that millionaires have in common, backed by research. Try incorporating some of these things into your daily life, and who knows – maybe you...[Read More]

Introducing! Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Feature

About 7 months ago, this blog was started with the aim of sharing using information on how to start and run a successful importation business from home. To a large extent, this objective has been met. Over 1,000 people has subscribed to receive our periodic newsletters and the blog currently average 500 visits per day and countless of mails. This statistics might not really mean something big in the internet blogosphere, but its goes a long way in showing that we are on the right path and people...[Read More]

Baby Diapers Reliable Supplier – Quanzhou Kang Jie Sanitary Products co. Ltd

My post on how to make money importing and selling Baby diapers has been generating a lot of reviews among those interested in the business. I have been asked countless of questions on how to get started importing this product, most especially on Nairaland. The most asked question is how they can identify genuine and reliable suppliers of Sanitary pad; and also to reveal my personal supplier. Well! There is nothing that stops me from doing that and I will reveal it to you here. I have made purch...[Read More]

Shenzhen Ele Technology Co., Ltd – Reliable Seller of cheap Electronics with Good Ratings

Getting a good and reliable seller is the most important part of the online importation business. Its no news that there are several scammers on Alibaba, Aliexpress, DHGate and other Chinese trade portals. Hence, one need to carry out a thorough investigation on the seller you want to deal with on any of these sites, so as not to lose his?her money to these unscrupulous elements. The aim of this site is to make sure you have a sweet experience in the online importation business, therefore I will...[Read More]