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Are you looking for free information on how to start a Mini importation Business right here in Nigeria? I mean Buying Cheap goods like Shoes, clothings, Android Tablets, Bags, Phones etc from reputable Chinese sites and selling for huge profit here in Nigeria? Thank your lucky star, because you are in the right place.

This blog site is dedicated to Nigerians looking to start Mini importation Business. Here, you have access to first hand and real life information on how to start and run a successful importation business, coming from a successful Importer.

I will be sharing my daily experiences in the importation business with you to learn from, so as to avoid the pitfalls in the business. The Blog would feature Hot products to buy online that will guarantee you maximum profit. You will also get tips on how to Market your Products even before they arrive, I will show you how and where to get readily available customer that will buy your products.

Just make sure you follow the blog religiously and leave comment in the comments Box for any question, I promise to answer them all.


  1. I need every supportive information required to nake this a success because am interested in the business.

  2. Hello goodmorning, i luv what i saw in ur site, am very much interested in it and i will luv to get ur contact pls.

  3. in your e-book u said,u will reveal your trusted freight forwarder and two other website where we can buy at cheaper rate. Thanks in advance.

  4. Good morning sir,please how can I meet up with you….I really need a mentor on it because I have no idea of it and am interested….thanks

    • You can meet up with me at the seminar coming up on July 30th in Lagos


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