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Importation Tips

5 Attributes an importer must possess

mkOver time I have publish several articles on making money through the importation business, with detailed guide on how to become a successful importer, but I have discovered that knowledge about this business has its own part while the right mindset and attributes has its own role too, if you know all about the business and you have a wrong mindset, it might be very difficult to make a fortune from it, therefore this time around, I would be writing on major attributes that an importer must possess in other to make the best of his or her business.

Attributes an importer must possess

BUSINESS ORIENTED: The way we’re wired differs, some people have a great flare for business, while some don’t do, before you venture into the importation business, it’s very important that you understand your category, business oriented people understand when to buy and when not to, what to buy and where to buy them, they understand the principle of risk and success. If this trait is absent in an individual, the probability of becoming a successful importer is somewhat slim. If you fall into the category of those that are not business oriented and you desire to venture into importation, the good thing is that you’ve been able to recognize your downside, this would gear you towards building yourself to become business oriented, you can read books, watch videos, ask questions e.t.c the idea is to gather enough resources that would literally expose you to the business world and get you to think like a businessman.

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PERSEVERANCE: Over the years, I have discovered, that every business has its own incubation period, it takes an individual with great perseverance to walk through this period without giving up on the business, no matter how bright the prospect is, there is always an incubation period, where you would need to persevere in other to grow the business into what you actually want it to be. As an importer, the early stage is always somewhat rough; getting your loyal customer in the first few months takes a lot of perseverance. Once you’re able to scale through this process, the reward would definitely manifest in no time.

COMMITMENT: The higher your level of commitment (Not just to business, but to anything) the greater your chances of making a breakthrough. Often newbies in the importation business handle it as an auto piloted business, without the understanding of the fact that it requires as much commitment as a regular offline business. To be a successful importer, your level of commitment must be top notch, staying focused and handling all stages of your business as if your life depends on it, this will go a long way in building your business into a huge source of income.

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MARKETING ABILITY: Yes! The idea of buying online is very nice, since you know about places where you can buy at a relatively cheap price, but the major question is who do you sell to? It’s highly unreasonable to buy goods and stock it up in your room or shop. This is where marketing comes in, the ability to explain what your business is all about to prospective customers in details and get them to buy your goods or seek your service. As an importer, it’s very important to learn the rope of marketing, how it is done and how to market your products successfully, both online and offline.

DISCIPLINE: I would have refrain from discussing this because I think it’s very obvious, but then I realized assumption is often highly costly. In any field of life, it’s very important to be disciplined, and as an importer, this trait must be found in you. The importation business is a very interesting one, if you’re not highly disciplined, you might end up buying items you love rather than putting your customers into consideration, it is very easy to get distracted when making purchase.

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The lack of discipline would definitely have a negative impact on your business, no matter how perfect the model is. In conclusion, I would love to point out that not everybody is born with this attributes, however, lacking one of these attributes should not pose a threat to your dream of becoming an importer, this attributes can be mastered over time, you can learn self discipline, commitment and all that is required to be a successful importer. All you need is a right mentor, a guide that would serve as a pace setter, guiding you through your early days of the business.

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