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How To Create/Generate Your GTBank Activation Code and MasterCard SecureCode For Online Payment

[showads ad=adsense_ad_one] By default, your GTBank MasterCard can perform Online transaction. However, some websites requires you have an activation code/SecureCode while making transactions on it. If that is the case please follow these steps to obtain your Activation/Secure Code for online banking:1. Login to GTBank Internet banking website on and click on Internet Banking (In the event that you are not profiled for this service, kindly visit any nearest GTbank branch to obtain...[Read More]

Latest update on Honk Kong post Free Shipping Service

This information is for those who uses the free shipping method available on Aliexpress through Hong Kong post. There has been series of complains from those who uses the free shipping option of Aliexpreess and ship through Hong Kong post, of not been able to track their goods on the Hong Kong post website. Here is the reason, according to a statement released by the Hong Kong post management and I quote verbatim. [showads ad=adsense_ad_one] “To safeguard aviation security, Hong Kong post ...[Read More]

Goods are Damn Cheap in China, Importers Makes Them Expensive in Nigeria – Real Reasons

[showads ad=adsense_ad_one] Today, it’s about the manufacturers of phones, laptops, Ipads, and Car Gadgets that I met at the Market in China. Before I delve into it, let me say here that I’m sharing this with you so that you can get ideas on what to import and sell for the upcoming festive season. December is the time for exchange of gifts, and these items are excellent gift items you can sell. Today started really fast. I slept late (as usual) the night before. About 2am. Other delegates to the...[Read More]

5 Cheap and Fashionable Necklaces you can Import from Aliexpress and sell for huge Profit in Nigeria

The recipe to success in this mini importation business is buying quality products at very cheap prices online and sell for huge profit here in Nigeria. There are tons of $2 (N320) products you can buy on Aliexpress and sell them as high as N1500 or even N2000 here in Nigeria. Necklaces is an example of those products you can purchase at very ridiculous prices and sell for huge profits, You can make as high 500% return on your investment if you pick the right product.  Huge Profit in Nigeria Her...[Read More]

Shenzhen Ele Technology Co., Ltd – Reliable Seller of cheap Electronics with Good Ratings

Getting a good and reliable seller is the most important part of the online importation business. Its no news that there are several scammers on Alibaba, Aliexpress, DHGate and other Chinese trade portals. Hence, one need to carry out a thorough investigation on the seller you want to deal with on any of these sites, so as not to lose his?her money to these unscrupulous elements. The aim of this site is to make sure you have a sweet experience in the online importation business, therefore I will...[Read More]

Buying From China? How to Ship Your Goods to Nigeria at a Reduced Shipping Rates

Buying goods from Chinese sites like Aliexpress, DHGate, DealExtreme and the likes can be discouraging at times. This is due to the high cost the suppliers quotes as shipping charges. You will notice that the shipping fee sometimes is quite high and sometimes may even cost more than what you are ordering. A $5 product on these sites might cost $8 in shipping charges, thereby bringing the total cost of the product to $13.  Don’t be discouraged about this because there is a way out. Firstly,...[Read More]

Get this N55,000 HTC Desire Android Phone for Less than N16,000 on Aliexpress

HTC Desire Phone from China The HTC desire S is a unique Android phone that gives you a sleek and stylish design crafted from a single piece of aluminum. With this phone you can enjoy fast web browsing powered by the superfast 1GHz processor. Capture life’s moments in vivid detail with the built-in HD camcorder. The brand new of this phone is been sold for N55, 000 on Jumia. During my recent research on Aliexpress, I came across a link where you can get the HTC Desire phone for $99 (Less than N1...[Read More]

Welcome to Importation Wealth Blog

Are you looking for free information on how to start a Mini importation Business right here in Nigeria? I mean Buying Cheap goods like Shoes, clothings, Android Tablets, Bags, Phones etc from reputable Chinese sites and selling for huge profit here in Nigeria? Thank your lucky star, because you are in the right place. This blog site is dedicated to Nigerians looking to start Mini importation Business. Here, you have access to first hand and real life information on how to start and run a success...[Read More]

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