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How a Nairalander made over N45,000 in two days Selling Wristwatches

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If you are a regular reader of the business section of Nigeria’s most popular forum site, Nairaland, the name Ymodulus will not sound strange to you. He is one of the top players in this importation business, and frequently, he shares ideas base on his experiences on how to run a successful mini importation business from home without breaking a bank. Last week, he shared a post of how he made N46, 685 within two days selling wristwatches. This he was able to achieve with little marketing efforts. It will interest you to know that the only marketing he did for his product was through BBM and Whastapp only. How did he do it? what product did he bought that landed him such an amount within a short period of time? answers to this are below, I am not going to change anything, the post is exactly the way he wrote it….. Enjoy

“OK. Last week I shared how I made #50,000 in 2days.


I am here to tell you again that I smiled to the banks this week but this time not alone but with collaboration of a fellow Nairalander STERDAM.

Am going to be brief as possible straight to Point with No stories.

ITEM : St Geneva Mechanical Watches

Item imported From: alibaba.com
-Cost of Watch – Watch Box: $3.3
-Cost of watch + Watch Box: $3.55
-Cost of watch after importing to Nigeria: #784.5 approximately #785

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-Cost at which watch sold: #1300
-Total Quantity Imported : 49pcs
-Gain made: #515

-Total gain: #515*49= #25,235


-Cost at which watch sold: #1500
-Total Quantity Imported : 30pcs
-Gain made: #715
-Total gain: #715 * 30= #21, 450

*****Ymodulus + Sterdam *****

#25,235 + #21,450=#46,685

-No of days Order made : 3days. ( bought 5th Monday. left China tuesday and arrived Nigeria Wednesday. Sold all and dispatched all by Friday.)

1. Sterdam Was so instrumental in sending my goods to Clients in Anambra and Up North.
2. Sold some of my watches to his friends.

***Tackled Difficulty***

1. Location was almost a problem. But now this will no longer be a problem. Thanks to KrIxMas Logistics. My goods will always be dispatched from Lagos to any customer address or state. At cheaper cost.

2. Delivery Cost. Will no longer be a problem thanks to KrIxmas Logistics.

Special Thanks.

1. Sterdam. A honest fellow. He brought the idea of selling wristwatches to me and we both settled on Pricing. He sold and sent all watch to my customers. and send me my money. We have never seen each other just Internet friends.

2. Shina. Now I can send goods to customers in any part of Nigeria via post office or bus transport without having to see my goods. He introduced me to KrIxmax

3. MasterCee. My loving Boss. His marketing skills and ideas are part of my success today. He’s quite loaded when it comes to selling wristwatches (That’s my name on Nairaland)

4. MayorAll. If no b you I for dey beg money. lol!!

Almost all the watches were bought by People who Resale.”

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Since I was a 22-year-old undergraduate in University, I've run a home-based business importing products from China and generating millions of Naira on a yearly basis. Since then, I've made China and its culture not only a key part of my business but also of my personal life.


  1. ” bought 5th Monday. left China tuesday and arrived Nigeria Wednesday”
    Pls how? Through which logistics company?

    • That’s express shipping through a Freight forwarder

  2. please can you tell us about krixmax

    • Krixmaxx is a very reliable delivery outfit. I make use of them myself


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