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How To Create/Generate Your GTBank Activation Code and MasterCard SecureCode For Online Payment

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By default, your GTBank MasterCard can perform Online transaction. However, some websites requires you have an activation code/SecureCode while making transactions on it. If that is the case please follow these steps to obtain your Activation/Secure Code for online banking:1. Login to GTBank Internet banking website on www.gtbank.com and click on Internet Banking (In the event that you are not profiled for this service, kindly visit any nearest GTbank branch to obtain your Log- in details) This service is free and you will be given your log-in details instantly. Also, apply for a Token hardware device which cost N2,250 Naira including Value Added Taxes.

Kindly note that this device is an added security to your internet banking and not as a way of making more monies from you.

2. Select “add services” and tick all the boxes available. You will be require to enter your Token Code, Press the white bottom on your Token hardware device and enter the codes displayed by it. You may also be asked to enter the security answer to your security question; enter it also.

3. Select ‘View Card Activation Code’ (a list of your Cards (MasterCard/Visa will appear)

4. Select your preferred Card Number and enter the Expiry date.

5. Press the white bottom on your Token hardware device.

6. Enter the Numbers generated on your Token and click ‘Submit’

7. Copy out the 10 digit Code displayed in blue color on the same screen.

By now, you have successfully created your Activation Code.

NOTE: Most persons mistake this Activation Code as the SecureCode which is very wrong.

Now, visit the site you intend to make payment on, e.g aliexpress.com and click on “Buy
Now” on the items you want to pay for.

Choose MasterCard as your preferred payment method. Fill in your card details and click “Pay For Order”.

Your transaction should be successful at this stage, but if it failed due to “Secure Check” error or other errors kindly try making payment for this same item again.

Now, it will ask you to register your MasterCard for SecureCode.

Kindly follow the instruction on the page to create your personal SecureCode.

When asked for your “Activation Code”, kindly enter the one you generated from step 7 above.

Use a SecureCode that will be easy for you to remember but hard for others to guess.

You can now enter the SecureCode and pay for the item successfully.

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