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How to promote imported goods online For Maximum Profit

poImportation business is a very lucrative business, once you get a hang of it, you are definitely on your way to making millions, however, the competition is getting fierce every day, and the number of importers is increasing on daily basis, making the market more competitive than it was years ago. As a result of increase in importer, a new strategy of promoting business is needed, in this article, I would show you how to promote your imported goods online and increase your sales within a short period of time. About 40million Nigerians make use of the internet on daily basis, mostly Nigerians use the internet for social media purpose, I would show you how to explore this opportunity and make the best of your business online.

Facebook: This is arguably the most popular website in Nigeria, a larger percentage of Nigerians are on Facebook, this makes it a very good platform to promote your products online, there are various ways of promoting your products on Facebook. For Facebook promotion, the first stage is to create a page for your business, add a banner and logo on the page, fill out the description page with information about your business and links to your store or blog as the case may be. Invite as many friends as you can, to like and promote the page on your behalf. Update the page regularly, mostly with things that relates to your business.

The most advisable method of getting your page to go viral is by creating a targeted Facebook ad for you business page, Facebook Inc. has a relatively cheap advertising platform that allows it’s user to display targeted ads on a pay per click billing, which means you only get to pay when a user like you page, the higher the number of likes your page have, the higher your audience when you make a post on your Business page. When you have a page with several likes, push your product link on the page at least twice per-day, since the followers of your page are strictly targeted, chances of selling your product through this page is relatively high.

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Nairaland: This is the most popular forum in Nigeria, I promote my business on Nairaland, and most of my loyal customers are from Nairaland. The key to promoting your business on Nairaland is to gain popularity on the forum, this is not always easy as you would have to comment on literally every post that makes the front page. However there are other methods to gain popularity on the platform. Nairaland has various section, choose a section that discuss issues relating to you product and do you best to contribute regularly to threads in that section, in your profile page, add links to your store or blog and a bit of information about your business on the profile page, the more your make valuable contribution on the platform, the higher your chances of making sales. The idea is to showcase your knowledge about the topic, this would give other users a level of assurance and trust. Nairaland also have an ads platform where you can order for a spot in various section of the forum, you can explore this option, provided you have the financial capability, but I find it quite expensive.

Blogging: Getting noticed online is about who makes it to the front page of Google search engine, since it is the most popular search platform, to achieve this, you should consider starting a blog for your business, the process is relatively easy, as it will cost less than two thousand Naira to buy a custom domain. The purpose of the blog is to create a link to your product by ranking for keywords that relates to your products, Google consider blogs to be user friendly compared to e-commerce store, as a result Google boot give blogs with valuable information a rank higher than other e-commerce stores. Take for instance, if you run a blog about Ladies shoe, the blog would definitely get higher traffic from Google compared to Jumia and other popular stores mainly because the focus of the blog is on ladies shoes, when you publish articles on ladies shows on the blog, Google automatically crawl the blog and show your article on the search result when Google users type in “ladies shoe” and from your blog, you can add links to your store on these e-commerce website, it’s just like using your blog as a means of promoting your store. The benefits of running a blog for small businesses cannot be over emphasized.

Instagram: There is a new trend in the social media marketing world; promoting your goods on Instagram. Instagram is packed full of real life examples of how big brands are using photos and tiny videos to build their authority, readership and most of all: business. You can leverage on this platform to create an effective marketing channel where you can share pictures of your goods to those that follows you. promoting with Instagram requires a little hardwork though as you will need to have an sizable amount of followers to get any meaningful result. You can research more on Google on promoting with Instagram.

Newsletter: This is also called email promotion, from your blog, you can obtain visitors email address, you can also buy email address of targeted users from people that are into such business, using this email address, you can send out promotional emails to them on weekly basis, promoting your products and business page on Facebook.

Videos: If you have the means, you can create a video or animation of something funny, take for instance if you run a store where you sell shoes, you can create a video animation where a lady wearing a high heel shoe run and fell down, just think of something creative, that would interest viewers, edit the video and add information about your shoe store, telling viewers to visit your URL for various types of ladies shoe. It’s all about creativity and testing various methods before settling for what works best for your business.

Reviews: There are popular blogs online, blogs with dedicated readers, search for this type of blogs, especially the ones that discuss topics relating to your business or products you sell, send an email to the administrator, asking if they would allow you to submit a guest post about your store and your product. Most of the time they decline this request if you’re not willing to pay a token, but it does worth it, provided you can afford to pay for guest post, because they would eventually notify their readers through emails about the newly published guest post that features your blog.

Business promotion online has no limitation, the wider you think, the wider the opportunity of promoting your business.

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