5 Items You Can Buy Cheaply and Sell Fast in Nigeria

Buying goods with huge profit margin is a good business idea, but the best way to make steady income from importation business is to buy cheap items that is affordable to common citizen and valuable to everybody, even if the profit margin is not up to 100%, selling them fast and ordering for more would cover up for the profit, compared to having an item with huge profit in stock with nobody to buy it. It’s like hiding the money inside a room, since its value does not appreciate over time. This article will give an overview of items you can buy at a very cheap price in China and sell fast in Nigeria for huge profit.

Sell Fast in Nigeria

1. USB/Flash Drive: The cost of buying a 2 GB flash drive in Nigeria is around #1000, on popular Aliexpress of dhgate; you can get quality, and flashy flash drive with nice packaging for less than
$4 (approximately #640) with free shipping, the cost of purchase might even be cheaper, provided you’re buying in bulk. Market for flash drive is readily available in Nigeria, student, professionals, businesses, offices, schools e.t.c. make you of flash drive on daily basis. Selling at a retail price to computer store is also another huge market.

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2. Military Wrist Watch: Boutique price for quality military watch ranges from #3000 to #5000, this watch are hot cake and are used by both males and females, for those that cannot afford gold plated Rolex, military watch is the next option. On Aliexpress, proper searching would get you military watches as cheap as $13 (approximately #2100) per piece; you can beat the price down when you’re ordering in bulk, coupled with free shipping option.

3. Power Bank and Solar Charger: It’s no news that Nigeria is suffering from epileptic power supply, this can be used to your business advantage, since there are smart phones everywhere and their battery are known to run out very fast. This makes it necessary for smartphone users to find a way of backing up their battery until they’re able to recharge it. Power bank and solar charger sells ridiculously cheap for as low as $10 for 12000mah capacity, importing this item would earn you over 100% profit on each piece.

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4. Synthetic Hairs: Ladies love fashion, as they spend an unimaginable amount of money to ensure they look good, part of their fashion item includes synthetic hair, ranging from Brazilian hair to Peruvian hair and different types of extension, the cost of purchase for these hairs in Nigeria is very high and the market is readily available, especially to hairdressers and fashion stores, even among your friends and colleagues. Price range for these hair starts from $13 depending on specification, the idea is to by good hair for cheaper price and sell it for cheap in Nigeria market.

5. Make up Kit: Eight of ten ladies use make-up before leaving their house every day, that’s to give you an insight into how huge the market size is, there are various make up kit on wholesale price for less than $10 and they can be sold for more profitable price in Nigeria.

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The entire idea of buying cheap and selling fast is to find items that would appeal to Nigerians, with affordable price for average citizen, doing your research diligently would open up a huge client base for your importation business.

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