Creating a Well Designed Strategy for Importing From China to Nigeria

made-china-28737348When you are sourcing products from suppliers from China, you will have to think of a well defined strategy first. Many import ventures or attempts have failed in the past due to lack of a well defined strategy. A strategy is like a road map that will guide you to the ultimate goal, which is importing China products of your choice. To make this strategy successful, you will have to first locate the best China sourcing services for your product. There are many suppliers, which are available on Alibaba that are considered to be very good in terms of product manufacturing.

Importing From China to Nigeria

However good a supplier may be, you will have to still do the due diligence when you are shopping for goods in China. If you do not do a proper due diligence, you will not get the best deal in terms of price, quality, and timely delivery. To avoid import problems, you will have to plan for a methodical sourcing strategy. For a successful sourcing strategy, you will have to first identify suppliers from the Internet, trade shows or social media. Then, you will have to verify the suppliers.

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You will have to get in talks with the selected supplier discuss payment and quality control measures. In addition, you will have to select the sourcing method as well. There are mainly three types of sourcing methods;

1) Direct purchase,

2) Commission based sourcing agent,

3) Using a China sourcing provider or trading service.

It is very important that you define your standards before you select the China suppliers. Well defined standards will remove ambiguity and can determine whether the sourcing efforts are successful. There are many instances where companies have initially purchased small order of consumer goods from a China supplier and were happy with the product quality. However, when bulk orders were given, the quality of the consumer goods dropped drastically. This generally happens due to the supplier’s limited production capacity.

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When suppliers from china identify the expectations, they can meet those standards under ideal conditions only. When there is proper communication between you and the Chinese supplier, you can save a lot of headaches and also avoid disputes in future. Importing from china to Nigeria has its benefits and drawbacks. It is imperative that importers identify the drawbacks and convert them into opportunities.

When you are selecting the China supplier, you will have to consider the geographic location, production capacity, quality standards, price range, technology and communication capabilities. China is a very big country and you will have to be very meticulous in selecting the region. Transportation can be a big problem if the China factory is not well connected by road or rail.

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Before you select the right China supplier, you will have to figure out what your company needs are at the very moment. Also, you will have to consider the future needs of your company. The size of the supplier also matters a lot. If the China supplier is too small, you may not get the goods on time. If the China supplier is too big, there are chances that you may not get the attention that you seek.


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