Hot Product! Make Money Selling Baby Diapers

diaOnline importation is a very lucrative business, with the right investment capital and proper understanding of how the business works, you are on your way to making tons of money on daily basis; often, the investment capital is not always a problem for beginners. However, knowing how the business works takes time, to avoid losing your hard earned money, it’s strictly advisable to follow the lead of those that have gone ahead; those making serious money from the importation business, doing this would fast track beginners learning process, and he or she would eventually become an expert within a short period of time.

Over the years, I have discovered that most importers (Beginners to be precise) lose their investment capital, due to wrong choice of goods, a larger percentage of them often decide to import electronics or mobile gadget, thinking it’s cheap and flashy, hence it would be easy to sell them off. The problem with this type of product is that, people don’t buy them! Generally, buyers don’t feel secure buying electronic gadget without warranty, in all sense of reality, the chances of claiming warranty on such item is almost zero. This leads to accumulation of products, tying down the investment capital without yielding any profit, at long run, he or she would be forced to sell off such product at a relatively cheap price, in other word; a loss! I have been there before, so I could possibly write a whole page on the problems that arise from importing the wrong product category. For more information on right categories of goods to be imported online, read my article on fast selling product in 2014. However, that is not my aim this time around; the aim of this article is to show you how you can make a nice income from importing baby diapers.

Baby diapers falls into a category of products that consumers needs on a daily basis, either rich or poor, you need baby diapers, so far you are a nursing mother, this is the most unique feature of this product and basically the main idea behind the importation business; importing products that are of use to an average Nigerian; poor or rich. Getting the products to the right customer is never an issue of concern, basically because the market is readily available everywhere, at a relatively cheap price, you can sell off your imported baby diapers at wholesale price to supermarkets, stores and retailers within the country, your coverage generally depends on your marketing skills. On the price of ordering a pack of baby diaper of small size is about 0.35 Yuan per piece, which is equivalent to #10 approximately, compared to the current price of #550 for a packet containing 20pieces in Nigeria market, it’s a light weight products, which means the shipping cost is always very cheap compared to heavy weight products.


It’s easy to run out of diapers, compared to other products, for examples shoes or clothe or power bank, most baby diapers are not re-useable, even the washable ones can be imported at a price relatively cheap to the Nigeria market price. Hence the demand for baby diapers is always high once the right customers are targeted.

It’s advisable that beginners kick start their importation journey with this kind of products, because the startup capital is relatively low, compared to investing on electronic gadget that would eventually tie their capitals down without profit. On baby diapers are readily available at cheaper price, and you can make a direct order by following my detailed instructions on how to buy on Remember, learning is very much easier when you follow the leads of those who have gone ahead.


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