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Latest update on Honk Kong post Free Shipping Service

This information is for those who uses the free shipping method available on Aliexpress through Hong Kong post.

There has been series of complains from those who uses the free shipping option of Aliexpreess and ship through Hong Kong post, of not been able to track their goods on the Hong Kong post website. Here is the reason, according to a statement released by the Hong Kong post management and I quote verbatim.

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“To safeguard aviation security, Hong Kong post will not accept the sending of air mail items that contain dangerous articles such as perfumery products, Lighters, and Lithium batteries. Hence all mail items entering the air mail centre and subject to X-ray screening.

Recently, there is an increasing number of air mail items detected to contain suspected dangerous articles, in partticular , Lithium batteries, which lengthens the screening process. In this connection, Air mail registration service, Ismail service and bulk air mail service may be subject to delay. Any inconveniences caused is much regretted.”

This latest development will have huge impact on on those who primarily buy goods that uses Lithium batteries like Tablets, Phones, Laptops, Power banks e.t.c.

The solution to this is to use a third party shipping service like Chrisvicmall. They have their charges though, you can read my post about them for more info about their services .


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