Make Cheaper Payment Online With FirstBank Visa Card

This post is for all my blog readers who have been asking me for cheaper ways to make payments online. This is a guest post by the CEO of DIVIDI MULTICONCEPT who is also the owner of

Some so-called experts have told many of us that GTB MasterCard and UBA Africard are the best options for making online payments. Many of us accepted this hook, line and sinker.

I want to introduce you in this post to a cheaper card for online payment. It is FirstBank Naira Visa Prepaid Card, a very affordable and convenient card to use. The most interesting aspect is that you will be charged based on the International exchange rate.
Take for example, as at the time of writing this piece, MasterCard and Africard charges are in the region of 165 and 166 naira per dollar but charges on FirstBank Naira Visa Prepaid Card is 158.5naira at the moment. That’s a massive 7 or 8 naira per dollar savings for you. That means increase in profit for you as an importer.

So how do I get this card?
Walk into any FirstBank Branch nationwide and tell the Customer Service Officer that you want a NAIRA VISA PREPAID CARD. Please emphasize the card name so you will not be misinterpreted because there are several types of VISA Cards on the Bank’s product menu.
How much is the card cost?
The card costs just N2,000. No hidden charges whatsoever. You will be given a virtual account number which you can use to make payments or transfers into the account anywhere, anytime.
Two passport photos, a valid ID Card and a recent utility bill.
Even if you are not an account holder with the bank already, you can still get this card.


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