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My Personal Brand Website Revealed And Upcoming Live Seminar Notification

Unlike every other businesses where people hide what is working for them because they are scared of competition, the importation business is a different thing entirely. The market is so robust to the extent that we cannot have too many importers for particular goods. The major difference would usually be the amount of capital an individual invests in his or her business.

What this implies is that, there is no secret to be kept as such in the importation business. If you see a “guru” keeping secrets about this business, it’s either they’re not really making enough money themselves, or they’re not a “guru” as supposed. I have written several posts on this blog, most of which reveals various aspects of this business. I have revealed my “secret” websites, and above all, the work flow I use from getting my items from China or other Asian market to Nigeria, I have also shared numerous information about how I make sales on various market place online in Nigeria.

Although that information is spectacular, and you will hardly find something that informative on regular blogs, I did not just stop at that, I created a masterpiece E-book which is available for free download on this site, I have also updated the e-book from time to time in other to suit the state of the current economy.

While all these are great way of helping others make money from the importation business, I still see a need to train people one on one. I intend to organize a seminar for those with great passion for this business and are willing to learn as much as they can.

I would talk more about the seminar in the concluding part of this post, but let me digress a little bit…

In my last post, I shared my latest adventure with you, I wrote about what I have been up to, I also wrote about my plan for the importation business. Times are changing; in fact, things are changing in a way we never thought of. With various business merger coming up and new rules for being a merchants on popular market place, the time to create a personal brand could not be more perfect than now.

And this is exactly what I have been doing. The key to success in this business is personal branding in a niche market. I told you earlier that the market is big enough for as many people that are willing to invest their time and money into the importation business, and as such, no “guru” should keep secrets about their adventure.

In light of this, I would tell you point blank about my new business adventure, what I am selling, where I am selling it and the plans I have for you guys.

Few weeks ago, I hired a developer to create my personal store www.perfectwristwatches.com, where I sell wristwatches. Yes, my personal niche is the wristwatch market. and not just that, the unique selling proposition (USP) of the e-commerce store is going to be sales of affordable wristwatches sourced from 1688.

The main secret behind any business is to focus on one thing and one thing alone. That way, the brand would be known for that thing. In this case, am focusing on wristwatches. I will not be selling any other product on the site, just wristwatches. However, we would not be selling known brands. If you are looking at buying known and expensive brands like ROLEX, HUBLOT, OMEGA, CASIO etc you can as well check out other wristwatch websites we have in Nigeria. But if you are looking for affordable and quality wristwatches which are basically not household names, the www.perfectwristwatches.com is it. The long term aim is to turn the store into a popular brand for quality and affordable wristwatch market in Nigeria. I believe being trendy shouldn’t be expensive

To achieve this aim, What I did basically was to order bunch of wristwatches ranging from expensive ones to mid-priced product, created an inventory and uploaded the data on my store (Note: Everything was sourced from 1688). Once everything is up and running, I invested some money on the marketing. I even had to contract the marketing part of the store to professional marketing agency. You know what it means when an agency that handles marketing activities for companies like Tecno, Blue band, Power Oil is in charge of your social media marketing. (Don’t ask me how I was able to pull that off, I don build strong connections with people you know) *Winks*

So far so good, The result has been awesome despite the fact that we have not even deploy 75% of our marketing strategy. More than 50 wrist watches were sold in the very first week of launch. I know by the time we embark on our outlined massive campaign. Sales would surely skyrocket.

Now that you know the niche market and the product am selling, how does this affect you?

Well, I mentioned earlier that I have bigger plans, and part of the plan is to widen the market for other merchants. In the nearest future, people under my tutelage would be able to sell their own wristwatches on the site too, as long as it’s in line with the e-store’s aim and objective.

Therefore, if you are into the importation business and let us say you are selling various items, you can choose to list your wristwatch for sale on the site, and sell other products on other market place.

The benefit here is that, you are marketing your goods towards a very targeted audience, and as such, selling becomes very easy, because the site would only be visited by those that are ready to buy wristwatch and nothing else.

Back to the seminar….

I had to digress a bit, because I want to create a connection between my latest business adventure and my readers here. The seminar I mentioned earlier would be opened for just 50 (fifty) participants. It is a very limited opportunity because I would be dedicating my time into training them and showing them what I am doing specifically to get this brand business going.

I would show them systematic guide on how I am buying from china, where I am buying, and how I am promoting my products. This opportunity does not come quite often, in fact, NOBODY will show you what I am about to teach you for the token that would be charged!

The aim is to train at least fifty (50) people and get them to understand the business as well, and hopefully some of this participants would be part of the first set of sellers I will be taking for my www.perfectwristwatches.com

Conclusively, I would put up a sign up page for the seminar and share more information about the upcoming  seminar soon (Just Watch Out). When I do, try as much as possible to be among the first fifty people that would sign up, because this is definitely an opportunity you don’t want to miss.

If you have already made up your mind to be at this seminar, simply send a mail to importationwealth@gmail.com with the title “I AM INTERESTED IN THE UPCOMING SEMINAR”. This way, you will be able to lock down your space quickly before others do. Remember, I am only taking 50 people for this seminar. I want to work with the number I can comfortably work with

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Since I was a 22-year-old undergraduate in University, I've run a home-based business importing products from China and generating millions of Naira on a yearly basis. Since then, I've made China and its culture not only a key part of my business but also of my personal life.

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