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Safety Measures for Shopping On Aliexpress.

jjIn this current age, buying items online requires a standard level of security, to avoid being a victim of  various type of fraud. Transactions are done electronically; this makes the issue of trust a very rare attribute, it is therefore necessary to put every possible measure in place to ensure safe online transaction.

ITEM SPECIFICATION: It’s very easy to get carried away by how flashy an item is when you’re about to place an order on Aliexpress, the items are packaged and displayed in such a way to appeal to buyers, the first safety measure that should be put in place is to ensure the item specification is exactly what you want. Saving the item page on your web browser is a very good idea provided you don’t have the time to
check every detail at that particular period. You can always check the page when you’re less busy, even when you’re not connected to the internet to confirm if the specification meets your requirement. If there is an aspect you’re not cleared about, you should send a message to the seller to make enquires for proper clarification. Take for instance, I once ordered a very nice tablet device on Aliexpress, the size was said to be 9.7 inches, due to my naivety, I didn’t notice the screen size differs from the entire size of the device, when I got the device, I realized that the screen size is around 7inches.

SELLER’S RATING: As a rule of thumb, I don’t buy from suppliers with less than four stars, mostly targeting five star sellers is the best practice, that way, you’re rest assured about their quality of service. There are trolls everywhere, even on Aliexpress, these trolls would display product at a very cheap price, if you’re new to the importation business, you might be forced to check out their product, the truth is,
they’re not real, in fact most of them would not reply your email, trying to buy an item from these type of seller would get your money hold up in escrow for weeks. Stay away from sellers with poor ratings.

CUSTOMER’S FEEDBACK: What are previous buyers saying about the product? Their opinion matters a lot, reading ten or more review about a particular product is a good way to avoid falling victim of buying substandard goods. If the customer’s feedback about that particular product is poor, then move to another store. Don’t be deceived by general seller rating because the rating might not come from that particular product. Always do your homework properly by reading customer’s feedback for each item of interest.

AVERAGE RESPONSE TIME: Before buying an item, ALWAYS send a message to the seller, the main purpose of the message is to determine how fast they respond to enquiries, a good seller would waste no time in responding to your enquires as a prospective buyer, Considering the time difference between China and Nigeria, if it takes more than twenty four hours to get a response from them, it’s
advisable to stay away from such store. Because if you run into any issue during the transaction, they may not be readily available to help you out.

PAYMENT: Never deal with a seller that would not use the escrow payment system, sending money through bank draft, western union or money gram renders you defenseless. If they would not use the standard payment method recommended by Aliexpress, then stay away from them.

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