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6 Innovative Products You Can Import Now From China and Sell Fast In Nigeria

Import From China Buying goods cheaply from China and selling for huge profit here in Nigeria has proven to be a money maker. These days, almost everyone(Including the Grandma) seems to be involved in the business. who doesn’t want an easy and almost stress-free way to make money. Then, as the mini importation business becomes more and more popular in Nigeria, there exists this problem of everybody importing and selling almost the same thing. Nigerians have been known to be less innovative...[Read More]

The Ultimate Guide to Producing and Branding Wrist-Watches From China

Wrist-Watches From China My heart will always have a special place for “Made in China” wristwatches. In fact, wristwatches were the first product I ever imported from China. They are cost efficient to ship and highly customizable. Wristwatches are also a fairly “small business friendly” product since they don’t require a hefty budget to get started with. Let’s begin with the technical aspect of producing and branding watches (You Put your desired name) from a Chinese wholesaler or manufacturer. ...[Read More]

Buying Product Samples from Alibaba – The Ultimate Guide

Product Samples from Alibaba This post is basically for people that orders from Alibaba. As you are aware, Alibaba is quite different not as straight and direct as Aliexpress and other retail sites.There are so many criteria involved in buying goods from Alibaba, one of which is to understand how to go about product sampling. Getting product samples is essential to your success, If you want to have a stress and scam free transaction on Alibaba, You need to learn the art of Product sampling. What...[Read More]

How a Nairalander made over N45,000 in two days Selling Wristwatches

[showads ad=adsense_ad_two] If you are a regular reader of the business section of Nigeria’s most popular forum site, Nairaland, the name Ymodulus will not sound strange to you. He is one of the top players in this importation business, and frequently, he shares ideas base on his experiences on how to run a successful mini importation business from home without breaking a bank. Last week, he shared a post of how he made N46, 685 within two days selling wristwatches. This he was able to ach...[Read More]