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4 Hot Product Niches to Import During the Coronavirus Lockdown

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed our lives in many ways.

In this post, I would like to talk about how it has impacted the demand for goods in online stores and the importation business generally. I would also show you the list of 4 niches that are growing in demand right now.

If you manage to respond fast enough to newest trends, you will be able to give people what they need and at the same time support your own importation business.

If you are interested in how the Coronavirus pandemic affects importation business in general, read up my previous posts.

Let’s jump right in…

#1. Sports Gear

Coronavirus Products

Among the things taken away because of the quarantine were sports and outdoor activities. People are unable to go out for their regular jogging session or hit the gym for workout anymore. They have been restricted to doing this indoor.

Your job as an importer is to provide them with all the necessary equipment from Aerobic mats, skipping rope, dumbbells etc.

#2. Cleaning Equipment

Coronavirus Products

People are now looking not only sanitizers or face masks, but cleaning equipment as well. The Covid-19 has got people paying more attention to hygiene in general, and it’s a good opportunity for businesses.

#3. Kitchen Utensils

Coronavirus Products

Restaurants are closed right now, so eating out is not an option anymore. While some people just have to cook because they have got no choice, other people are looking at using the quarantine as an opportunity to learn new recipes.

#4. Indoor Games

Coronavirus products

Families now spend evenings together. Moreover, parents have to keep their children busy all day. As a result, there’s a rising demand for board games, puzzles and so on.

Take advantage of this period and import products in these categories from Alibaba or 1688. The pandemic shouldn’t be an excuse not to make money.

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