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Buying from Wholesalers in China: 5 Important Things Importers Must Know

Today, we are going to learn 5 important things importers must know when buying goods from wholesalers in China. When doing importation business on a small or medium scale, you relate more with wholesalers than manufacturers. There is one single major reason for this, manufacturers usually require a large Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) which definitely would be out of reach for small or medium importers. However, there are certain things you must know about buying goods from wholesalers in China. ...[Read More]

My Personal Brand Website Revealed And Upcoming Live Seminar Notification

Unlike every other businesses where people hide what is working for them because they are scared of competition, the importation business is a different thing entirely. The market is so robust to the extent that we cannot have too many importers for particular goods. The major difference would usually be the amount of capital an individual invests in his or her business. What this implies is that, there is no secret to be kept as such in the importation business. If you see a “guru” keeping secr...[Read More]

6 Things Experts Won’t Tell You About Importation Business

About Importation Business I have been in the importation business for a while now, it’s been over five (5) years; give or take. And with the level of my success with this business, I can boldly pronounce myself as an expert, because I have seen all that should be seen in the business, I have seen the good, the bad, the ugly and the depressing part of the business. Reflecting on my early days in the business, I decided to come up with a list of things I wish experts told me about the business be...[Read More]

How to Raise Money for Importation Business

Importation Business. Raising money for any form of business might be a little bit challenging. I know this because I have been there before. It’s not a very good feeling to know a lot about a particular business or have a great idea but not being able to execute it due to lack of fund. Overtime it has been established that information is all you need to make money, sometimes however, some information are incomplete, which makes it a little bit difficult to make money from such information. Here...[Read More]

Why Start an Importation Business?

Start an Importation Business. I started my business importing from China when I was 22 and of course I was still in school. Like many entrepreneurs, this wasn’t my first adventure into Entrepreneurship, which ranged from helping my colleagues with their assignments for a pay back then in secondary school to poultry farming after secondary school (Thanks to my late Mum’s knowledge and guidance, May her gentle soul rest in peace). There’s a ton of good reasons to start an importation busine...[Read More]

The Ultimate Guide to Producing and Branding Wrist-Watches From China

Wrist-Watches From China My heart will always have a special place for “Made in China” wristwatches. In fact, wristwatches were the first product I ever imported from China. They are cost efficient to ship and highly customizable. Wristwatches are also a fairly “small business friendly” product since they don’t require a hefty budget to get started with. Let’s begin with the technical aspect of producing and branding watches (You Put your desired name) from a Chinese wholesaler or manufacturer. ...[Read More]

Buying Product Samples from Alibaba – The Ultimate Guide

Product Samples from Alibaba This post is basically for people that orders from Alibaba. As you are aware, Alibaba is quite different not as straight and direct as Aliexpress and other retail sites.There are so many criteria involved in buying goods from Alibaba, one of which is to understand how to go about product sampling. Getting product samples is essential to your success, If you want to have a stress and scam free transaction on Alibaba, You need to learn the art of Product sampling. What...[Read More]

The Ultimate Guide to Buying From ALIEXPRESS without Getting Scammed

Aliexpress is basically a transaction-based wholesale platform for importing small volumes of goods from China. It’s a huge resource for innovative and profitable products that cannot be found elsewhere in low quantities. Though ordering for Aliexpress seems simple and straightforward unlike Alibaba, there are however some few things you must do to minimize some coherent risks existing on the platform and increase your long-term success chances. I will tell you how and why here, Just follow me! ...[Read More]

Creating a Well Designed Strategy for Importing From China to Nigeria

When you are sourcing products from suppliers from China, you will have to think of a well defined strategy first. Many import ventures or attempts have failed in the past due to lack of a well defined strategy. A strategy is like a road map that will guide you to the ultimate goal, which is importing China products of your choice. To make this strategy successful, you will have to first locate the best China sourcing services for your product. There are many suppliers, which are available on Al...[Read More]

4 Facts You Should Know About Buying Branded Goods From China

Making money online from importation is probably one of the easiest ways to make money online, hundreds of people are into it and they’re making nice income from it on daily basis, ( I am a living proof) the market is not yet saturated, which means you can still join the league and make nice income from online importation. You can head over to my previous articles to get a head start on how to make money importing goods from china at a relatively cheap price. However, the purpose of this post is...[Read More]

Making Payments for Goods as an Importer – The Stress free Ways

The process of importing goods from China or any other country can be divided into three main stages; the ordering stage, payment stage and shipment stage, in many of the articles published earlier on this blog, I have given great concentration to ordering stage, with little tips on what the payment and shipment stage entails, however, this article would focus on the payment stage of importing from China. Other than the language barrier issue (especially if you’re importing from our secret websi...[Read More]

Things You Should Know about Mini Importation Business

I have met several people, asking me about what the importation business is all about, they all want to know a thing or two about how the business works, so I think it’s a good idea to write on the frequently asked questions about the importation business. Most of the topics I discuss in this post are response to such questions, and I hope it would also answer newbies questions on what the importation business is all about. WHO?: The “who?” question is always a funny one to answer, often, people...[Read More]

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